Sheer Determination

Real Estate is not for the faint hearted; you must keep going even when you do not feel like it. Every customer is important and must be accorded attention. Listen to your customers and give them what they want. That calls for a relentless will to meet customers’ needs. You must be determined to win regardless of the challenges you meet along the way. 

Negotiating skills

You will be negotiating every day. Taking a class on negotiation skills is a good idea. You will have to negotiate over the listing price, selling price, and commission. It is advisable to begin with setting a commission. Once you are assured of a goo commission, you will be motivated to negotiate on other matters.  

Keep up With Technology

It is a new day in the world, and you must keep up. You need to list your properties on websites like, and social media. There are lots of potential customers on the internet, and you will miss out on opportunities if you are not tech savvy. 

Charming Personality

You will be talking to people all day, and you must be personable enough for customers to be interested in working with you. Becoming a successful real estate agent takes time. However, a friendly personality will give you a head start. If you are pleasant people will want to work with you. 


You will be working with people’s hard-earned money, life savings even. You must be ethical. Agents with integrity score lots of referrals. Working as a realtor requires you to have strong principles and commitment to doing the right thing. 


Real estate is all about connections and networking is a requirement. Go to networking events and be pleasant. Take time to listen and focus on conversations. Show passion for real estate. After you leave networking events, take the time to follow up on connections by calling and inviting the individuals for coffee or lunch. You may also book appointments and visit their offices. 

Attention to Details

While a pleasant personality is helpful, you must be keen. There are lots of details that you need to pay attention to; from terms in contracts, customers’ needs, property prices, and fine differences between properties. Pay attention to the little stuff. 


As a real estate agent, you are not under anyone’s radar. Even though you are under a broker, you are not employed. You are running your own business and therefore you must be disciplined and motivated. No one is going to push you to work.


Apart from being principled and ethical, you must maintain a professional look. People will judge you by your looks. Therefore, make sure that you dress well. Before you even sell your property, you must sell yourself first. Give a good impression. 

Communication Skills

You will be talking a lot; with customers, other agents, and in networking events. If you are not a talker, don’t worry; communication skills can be learned. Take time to listen and give others a chance to talk. Make eye contact and ask questions for clarity. 

If you do not have some of these skills, do not worry. Most skills can be acquired and with experience and persistence you will keep getting better. We wish you all the best in your career as an agent. 



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