Jumuika.co.ke is the fastest growing real estate marketplace in Kenya. We have created a space that connects buyers and sellers. If you are looking for a house to rent, house to buy, land for sale or land for lease we are your go to website. Similarly, if you are looking for property to sell or lease, you are in the right place. Jumuika creates a convenient meeting place for buyers and sellers.

"A Higher Form of Realty"   

We are not real estate agents; rather, jumuika.co.ke is a marketplace where buyers and sellers connect. Technology has made the world a global village, and we have used it to make business easier and better by creating a space where people can network.

We do our best to list different kinds of real estate; our goal is to match our clients with exactly what they are looking for. Moreover, we have made a user-friendly website; it is very easy to navigate.

We encourage agents to list their properties on our website. We are passionate about helping sellers find customers, and helping buyers find the perfect property. If you have any challenge while listing your property, or any concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you!

When you find property that interests you, feel free to contact the seller. Each property has the contact information of the seller. It is important for buyers to conduct due diligence before buying property. Ensure that you only buy property that you are sure about.

Jumuika.co.ke is a breath of fresh air in the Kenyan Real Estate Industry, our market place is not only unique but convenient. It is probably the fastest way to find exactly the customer you are looking for, or the real estate you want. Our searches are highly targeted therefore matching buyers with what they are looking for and sellers with their perfect customers.

We pride ourselves in bringing forth an innovative search tool; a higher form of realty and we welcome you on our journey. Your business is our business; whether you are a real estate seller or buyer, jumuika.co.ke is in the business of ensuring that your goals are met.


How can I list my property on jumuika.co.ke?

Click on the “Add Property” button on our website. If you are a new agent, you will be required to register first. After that, you can list your property. Ensure that you upload good quality pictures, showing your property. Also, list accurate and working contact information.

How can I buy on jumuika.co.ke?

Buying is easy. In the search box, key what you need. For example, “land for sale in Nairobi”, “house for rent in lang’ata”, “land for sale in Kajiado”. Then scroll through and look at what interests you. Feel free to contact the seller listed on the properties you like.

Is it safe to buy on jumuika.co.ke?

We have done our best to provide a safe space for buyers and sellers. However, we encourage you to conduct due diligence when buying or selling properties listed on jumuike.co.ke.